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Are you a healthcare professional working long 12 -14 hour days, too many weekends and holidays, or traveling too far from home? Are you not home for dinner usually or not able to spend enough quality time with your family and loved ones? Are you not working in your desired setting, stuck in a rut, not growing professionally, unhappy with the management philosophy? Are you unhappy with an unstable schedule driving for hours everyday? Are you so busy taking care of all your patients, and employer’s needs that you don’t have time for yourself? WHO WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU? WE WILL. For over 29 years, we have taken care of the needs of healthcare professionals first. We will help you find a position closer to your home with better, more convenient hours! We will help you to secure a good position in your desired setting with excellent career growth and advancement in a warm, friendly, professional environment! With NSI, you come first! Please take a moment to fill out and send the brief career profile below. This is the fastest way to get your resume into our system so we can begin evaluating how your skills and experience might fit with one of the health care facilities we represent.


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