How to Make a Dental Practice Grow

Today I’m going to share with you a few tips on growing your dental practice. Some of these are simple and some of these are a little more advanced and will take time to truly pay off.

1) Expand your offered services.

One way to grow your practice is by offering some new services. Cosmetic dentistry is an industry that is in high demand, so if your practice doesn’t already offer teeth whitening services, it probably should. Invisalign, which are clear invisible braces, are another big seller that you might look into offering. Many people have seen the commercials and are open to the idea of Invisalign.

You can take the time to research what services are in demand in your area and see whether it’s profitable for your dental practice to offer them or not. Subscribing to Proofs Magazine would be one way to go about this. Proofs Magazine keeps dentists up to date on current trends, with a free subscription.

You can also sign up for a market research company where you will be able to view market reports on the dental industry. This will help you determine which services are popular and which ones aren’t. One such company that offers this research is iData Research.

If you are unsure of what services you should expand, you can contact a dental consultant who can help you determine what services to offer in your area and how much to charge for these new services.

2) Attract new patients.

Internal marketing and word-of-mouth advertising are the best two ways to attract new patients. They are also the cheapest methods of advertising. Word-of-mouth is spread mostly by people who come to you for teeth whitening services and are pleased with your work. If you do an excellent job of teeth whitening, you could offer an incentive for referrals. Perhaps offering 15% off their next teeth whitening or something similar.

So if you aren’t already offering this service, check into it. Patients who are pleased with their dentist always recommend them to their friends and family because it seems like people are always looking for a good dentist. Even if they already have a regular dentist, they might not be satisfied with their work or their prices.

3) Network with other dental practitioners.

Building a powerful network with other dental practitioners is another great way to grow your dental practice. For example, if your patient needed work done by a dental surgeon, you could refer him to a dental surgeon you know. In return, the dental surgeon will send patients to you for treatments that don’t require a surgeon. You can also network with other dental offices to catch some of their overflow work. When you have too many patients to handle, you can refer them to the dental office you have networked with. When you do this, make sure you are referring your customers to people who have proven to do good work.

You see, it’s a business of give and take. When you have the opportunity to give patients, other practitioners will appreciate it and will allow you to take patients that they don’t need.

4) Hire another Dentist

Another way of growing your practice and probably the best way is to hire another dentist while doing the other three tips. This new dentist will give you more free time and will help to make your practice more money. It’s very simple to do if you can find a company who will find you qualified dentists. It’s also cheaper than you might think if you can find the right company.

Lucky for you, offers these services and has been helping business owners like you grow their practice for over 29 Years.

If you are ready to take the next step and grow your practice, head on over to and get a quote today! We look forward to helping you make more money.

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