How To Hire The Right Staff For Your Dental Practice

If you are a dental practice owner, you understand how hard it iss managing your staff. You may be “tired of having to explain things over and over,” and might be tired of “having to think for them.” I was recently reading about a sociologist named Amitai Etzioni and his description of organizational control. In summary, he described that there are essentially three methods of controlling your staff members: coercive, utilitarian, and normative control.

Coercive control is where you point a gun at someone and tell him or her to do what you want. The method is the least effective method because it only works for long as you keep pointing the gun at them. Figuratively speaking of course.

Utilitarian control is the method where you pay people to do what you want. This is the method on which most practices still rely.  The weakness of the utilitarian system is that your money buys labor but it doesn’t buy loyalty or goodwill. Without loyalty you could lose your team tomorrow.

Normative control is the method where you and your employees have a system of shared values to direct behavior.  This is what induces people to devote themselves to a cause or practice. Think about your mission statement.

No practice can expect to rely exclusively on normative control but it is actually possible. Outside of chiropractic, there are plenty of businesses that function on normative control.

If your goal is to have a practice that runs smoothly, with as few headaches and stresses as possible, you want to focus on normative control.

The reason why is because a large chunk of your practice growth depends on  the soft skills you possess, these are your ability to relate with and connect with your patients. But this extends beyond just you the chiropractor. It includes your CA’s, your massage therapists etc. So practices need to find staff members who can act the right way, without instructions from you, and who feel inspired to share their best ideas with you. This is not easy. However at NSI we pride ourselves on finding these people for you.

So how do you establish normative control in your practice?

  • Get clear on the vision for your practice
  • Define your core values
  • Hire people on their energy, enthusiasm and how much they match your values.

Dental Practice marketing extends beyond your advertising, your sales training and your procedures and beyond you. It includes your people; their unspoken passion, spirit and vision speak clearer than any sales message.

One of the greatest ways to grow your dental business is by hiring the right staff.

Let us help you find your ideal staff and we’ll help you make more money. Call (877) 756-3844 and ask for Chris right now to schedule a FREE Consultation to help identify if a part-time or full-time employee would help you grow your dental practice.
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