How To Find a Good Dentist To Expand Your Practice

As a dental practice owner, you may be in a position where you are ready to expand your business. You understand the benefits of bringing a new dentist into the office in order to free your time and make money even if you aren’t in the office.

This is something that you may be interested in because doing this allows you to grow your business without being in the office yourself. This is one of the many benefits that you will experience as a business owner over being an employee. You will finally be able to spend your time out on the golf course or relaxing with your children instead of working 80 hours a week. You can cut your hours down to 40 hours or less and still have someone working in your practice producing income for you.

Whoa, whoa…Won’t this cost me money?

Yes, it will cost you some money. Hiring someone always costs money, but it’s the amount of free time and money that can be brought in through the efforts of this new dentist that will pay off long-term for you. Did you read that fully? More FREE TIME and MONEY for you!

Isn’t that why you got in business in the first place, to make more money and have more free time?

In the article titledĀ Estimating determinants of dentist productivity: new evidence , there was evidence that visits per week were positively related to dentist hours worked, number of assistants, hygienists and number of operatories. Does this sound familiar to you?

“Visits per week are significantly positively related to dentist hours worked, number of assistants, hygienists, and number of operatories. Dentist ownership status, years of experience, and percentage of Medicaid patients are significantly positively related to practice output. The contributions of dentist chairside time and assistants to additional output are smaller for owners, but the number of additional dentist visits enabled by more hygienists is larger for owners.”

This means that increasing the number of dentists in your dental office would directly impact the number of patients that you can have in and out of your office. Thus making your practice more money.

This does mean that you will have to find another qualified dentist to work in your practice, but that’s where comes in. We help you find qualified dentists so you can focus on what it is that you do best, handling your dental responsibilities.

Less Work For You

Does this sound like something that you would like to experience? Have you always wanted to pick up a new skill but haven’t had the time to do it? Well, with the addition of a new dentist in your office you will have more time so that you can spend your time doing what you want to do, while still growing your business and making money.

Remember…the key determinant of dentist output is the dentist’s own chairside time.

If you’d like to free up your time, you’re going to need to find someone else who can help take over some of that chairside time and/or add more chairside time to your practice. is here to help you get that time by providing you with qualified dentists to grow your practice. Visit today to learn more and get a quote for bringing another dentist into your office. It’s cheaper than you thought and the results will make you more money. It’s worth a look.

Go to now for your free quote.

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