Can Twitter Help Dentists Get Patients?

You’re seeing Twitter everywhere and as a dentist you probably are curious as to whether or not you can use it to get people into your dental practice.

I’m here to share with you a little secret…

Are you ready?

Anyone can use twitter the only thing that truly differentiates a successful twitter account for dentists is engagement.

Yep, this means that you need to take the time to build a relationship and establish rapport in order to succeed using this media. Are you ready to take the time to establish a relationship by using twitter or do you just want to spam out links in a hope that SOMEONE will come into your business with their credit card in their hand, mouth open and ready to pay for the most expensive service you offer.

If you’re laughing with me, I understand why. If you think this will work, you’re marketing needs a makeover.

All new media(social media marketing) takes time and is not an immediate gratification tool like you might have been sold on.

What’s this mean?

So how can you use twitter to get more clients? Well first off, you need to use it for customer service and find out if people are already talking about you on twitter. If they are, is it positive? Is it negative? What are they saying? Why are they saying it?

Now your job is to ENGAGE with these people, help understand why they said what they said and if there is something you can do to make their next experience better, DO THAT. The way this works is that these people will be happy the next time they come into your dental practice and will most likely tweet about their experience to their followers. HINT: that’s how word-of-mouth works in social media.

So it really is up to you on if twitter will help you get patients or if it will turn you into a spammer. If you’d like to learn of other ways that you can grow your practice and make more money, please call us right now for a FREE consultation at  (877) 756-3844 and ask for Chris Hughes or fill in your name, e-mail and phone number in the form below and we’ll contact you for your free consultation.

Be aware though, speaking with us will help you grow your business. Are you ready for that?


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